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If you need an anesthesia-related resource, you'll find it right here. ASA offers a wide variety of products to address your educational needs or practice management questions. In addition, ASA offers resources that are of general interest to physicians or other health professionals who wish to learn more about anesthesiology.

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Continuing Education

ASA is the most popular and well-
respected provider of continuing
education in anesthesiology. Browse
this section to find the resources you
need to advance your knowledge and
obtain the necessary credits to
continue your professional

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Patient Education

Patient education brochures can
be an important and comforting
source of information for both
patients and family members.
ASA has a wealth of resources
on a variety of topics that can
help you open the conversation
about anesthesia with patients
and guide them and their families
through a potentially difficult time.

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Practice Management

Running a successful anesthesiology
practice can be a time-consuming and
complex undertaking. ASA has several
publications that can help you and your staff
make the important decisions that impact your
practice without taking time away from patient care.

» Practice Management


ASA periodicals keep members and
other health care professionals up to
date on news from the Society as well
as the latest research published in the
journal Anesthesiology. Browse this
section to find issues of
Anesthesiology that you may
have missed, as well as other
periodicals of interest.

» Periodical Publications

(ACE) 2015 Anesthesiology Continuing Education Program

Full Program Details

This anesthesiology CME program is a tool for lifelong learning. Available as a booklet or electronic format with complimentary app for iPad. An annual subscription consists of two issues, one each in April and October. Each issue presents 100 questions with answers, detailed discussions explaining the rationale for each answer and references for further study. Subscribers complete the program at their own pace and submit the answers online to receive CME credit.

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About ASA: The American Society of Anesthesiologists is an educational, research and scientific association of physicians organized to raise and maintain the standards of the medical practice of anesthesiology and improve the care of the patient. Since its founding in 1905, the Society's achievements have made it an important voice in American Medicine and the foremost advocate for all patients who require anesthesia or relief from pain.
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